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Blockchain is the next-generation technology that enables
participants to create and exchange value fairly and freely without the help of intermediaries.

Ever since its first appearance in the world about 10 years ago the huge potential of blockchain technology
has been widely recognized. Yet, in terms of commercialization, there are still many issues to
overcome, including scalability issues and competition with existing systems.

Institute of Blockchain Technology(IBCT) has extensive business experience including
R&D achievements accumulated over many years and the establishment of a blockchain-based government agency platform.

IBCT makes it possible to experience 
a blockchain-enabled society everywhere
IBCT's History

Feb. 2018  IBCT Incorporated
Mar. 2018  Developed Singapore FX Token (OMEX Token) Platform
May. 2018  Provided Consultation for Korean Real Estate Association Blockchain
un. 2018  Provided Consultation for China X-net clean blockchain
Jul. 2018  Received an order for the blockchain design and ICO participation and development for pets
Aug. 2018  EOS Chrome launching and listing
Jan. 2019  Permission to establish an affiliated research institute (No. 2019110395)
Feb. 2019  Winning the bidding proposal for Defense Acquisition Program Administration
Mar. 2019  MOU with Baekseok University, Korea Institute of Digital Convergence, and Korea Joongang Daily
Apr. 2019  Acquired Excellent Technology Company Certification (Blockchain Technology Field)
May. 2019  Acquired investment from ActnerLab, a global startup accelerator
Jun. 2019  Acquired Venture Business Certification (Korea Technology Finance Corporation)
Jul. 2019  Registered small electric power brokerage business (electricity new business)
Sep. 2019  Launched LEDGIS Testnet and complemented the system, Signed joint research agreement with KAIST
Oct.  2019  LEDGIS Main Net Launch 


Certification Documents

Venture company
Excellent technology
certificate of regist
Certificate of Patent
Certificate of Patent