Business Area

IBCT’s Main Business include Blockchain Consultation,
Public Blockchain, Private Blockchain and
Other Application Development

IBCT makes it possible to experience
a blockchain-enabled society everywhere

Public Blockchain

Sustainable Blockchain Ecosystem
through scalability and decentralization

1. Delegated Proof of Stake & Service (DPoSS) 

-BP qualification limited to DApps 
 (BP selection is not possible based only on capital or recognition)
-BP is elected by reflecting the vote score obtained by the coin holder's share of ownership and the utilization of the DApp service provided by the relevant BP provider.

2. Ledgis Wallet

-Real name authentication standard KYC through mobile phone authentication and AML support
-Face / fingerprint biometrics-based account login instead of private key management
-Signing up for a new account greatly simplifies the signup process

3. Sustainability through an enhanced reward system

-Resource trading market, REX (Resource Exchange)
-> User: Receive rental income by depositing idle LED
-> DApp: Procure the necessary resources conveniently and cheaply
-Revenue is settled to the depositing user after using the user LED deposited in the save box as the private chain operation cost.

On-demand Blockchain

IBCT provides total solution for Blockchain, 
from mainnet construction to service planning and commercialization

Blockchain Consulting

From mainnet construction to service planning and commercialization,
IBCT provides optimal platform solution
with the best technology in all areas of blockchain.

1. Applicability check of blockchain to existing businesses and services
2. Value-added analysis and coin incentive system proposed by blockchain
3. Recommendation of excellent blockchain development personnel and deliver effective ICO marketing know-how